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Serata Italiana is an expert Italian language and culture program to include beginner/intermediate/advanced groups, authentic Italian settings, dinners and more.

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Santa Clarita, CA – The co-founder of the renowned Oksana® Management Group (OMG, Inc.) of Los Angeles, and esteemed colleague and friend Natalie Blancardi of Coldwell Banker have collaborated on the launch of the exciting Serata Italiana initiative, an expert Italian language and cultural program that attempts to keep English to a minimum while students learn one of the most romantic languages in the world.

Already taking the local community by storm, the Serata Italiana program offers beginner, intermediate and advanced groups, with beginner classes held on Monday evenings and intermediate/advanced classes held on Wednesday evenings. Each Serata Italiana session is two hours in duration, running from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm; classes are scheduled to be held at an address provided by OMG, Inc. representatives upon registration.

Both OMG, Inc. and Blancardi report that over 100 people attended the initial ice-breaker on Monday, June 3rd 2019 at the iconic Vincenzo’s Pizza in Newhall.

Serata Italiana encompasses grammar review, reading and writing exercises, geography lessons, travel tips and cultural notes, with native instructors stressing the practice of proper verb conjugations, vocabulary building, idiomatic expression and more – all while keeping the experience ultimately fun and educational.

For additional information, contact the Oksana® Management Group, Inc. at (661) 310-1177 or via email at


In addition to the lessons, participation in the program includes generous portions of delicious pasta and other Italian dishes, impeccably catered by the hosts, self-proclaimed gourmet chefs who share a passion for bringing the “can’t live without food in Italy” perspective to the classroom environment. Further, while one glass of Chianti – the preferred accompanying beverage for the traditional Italian cuisine – is permitted by law, representatives from OMG, Inc. and Natalie Blancardi of Coldwell Banker stress that students must use Uber or Lyft should they indulge in additional revelries.

During the Serata Italiana meals and specific grammar instruction sessions, Italian-language films will be shown from time to time alongside learning Italian songs, with film and music suggestions always being welcome.

“Students are welcome to bring their favorite desserts or vino to class, and are always welcome to network and socialize among themselves – in Italian, of course,” explains OMG Inc.’s rep.

Serata Italiana consists of three consecutive months of attendance, (12 sessions) renewable the last week of the third month. The cost for the three-month course is $600 per student (or $25 per hour), with payment due at the time of registration. Program organizers are also offering 50-percent off for the spouse or partner of those couples who attend together.

Address and directions for attendees will be provided upon registration.
You may Register HERE.

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