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You Won’t Believe How We Teach Italian!


Do you want to learn Italian? Why not do it in an immersive, all-inclusive course that includes all the food, culture, and experiences of the country?

It’s time to fall in love with Italy as you learn her language. It’s time you sign up for Serata Italiana. We give you Italian language lessons combined with experiences you’ll never forget.

  • Reconnecting with your roots?

  • Taking a trip to the Mediterranean?

  • Or are you simply interested in the language and culture?

Whatever your needs, Serata Italiana is your best choice.


What Makes Serata Italiana So Different?

We don’t just teach you vocabulary and how to conjugate verbs. We combine language lessons with authentic Italian experiences and real-world interactions with the culture.

An authentic Italian dinner is served at every in-person group class!

With our program, you’ll discover the poetry and rhythm of the world’s most beautiful language as you…

  • visit Italian-inspired architecture,

  • take in breathtaking vineyards,

  • enjoy stunning Italian films,

  • sip chianti

  • talk with other learners and lovers of Italian

Then, sit down and break bread with all of us as you enjoy the famous cuisine of my homeland.

How Does It Work?

Serata Italiana allows you to explore Italian in many ways:

  • Classes: Learn with others and make friends at the same language level as you!

  • One-on-one: Get tutored directly from an expert, receiving specialized treatment.

  • In-Person: Come enjoy the tastes and culture of Italy while you learn the language in person.

  • Online: If you need to, you can do everything remotely — allowing you to go anywhere and still get engaging Italian lessons.

  • Any Level: We have courses for every learning level, whether you are just starting your adventure with the Italian language or want to polish up your fluency.

No One Does It Like Serata Italiana

This all-inclusive language course isn’t just the most fun and eye-opening way to learn Italian — it’s also the most effective.

So what are you waiting for? Check out registration now! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Grazie e a presto,

Alex, Founder


EMAIL US at or

TEXT Alex at 323-533-8623 for more information

Serata Italiana….  We bring Italy to YOU.


In-person Classes are held in Valencia, CA every Wednesday from 7:30 pm to 9 pm.

Now accepting new students. 

Are you too far away and can’t attend in person?  Please Inquire about our fun Online Lessons.


Serata Italiana encompasses grammar review, reading and writing exercises, geography lessons, travel tips, and cultural notes, with native instructors stressing the practice of proper verb conjugations, vocabulary building, idiomatic expression, and more – all while keeping the experience ultimately fun and educational.

An authentic Italian dinner is served at every in-person group class, complimentary.

For additional information, contact us via email at 



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