The Program

Serata Italiana LogoDepending on your level and comfort zone, you will be assigned to either the “Beginner” or to the “Intermediate/Advanced” group.

Beginner class is held on Monday evenings, Intermediate/Advanced on Wednesday evenings.

SERATA ITALIANA lasts from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Yes, you got it, each session lasts 2 hours! Classes are held at the address we will provide.

During SERATA ITALIANA, ENGLISH is kept to a minimum.  You must make creative efforts to communicate and understand what’s going on, as we will pretend that we are in Italy, in similar settings, where nobody speaks or understands English.  (Exceptions are made for the beginners’ class).  We will cover grammar review, reading and writing exercises, geography, cooking and travel tips, and other cultural notes. We will practice the entire structure of verb conjugations, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, etc.; all while keeping it FUN and EDUCATIONAL!

Authentic Italian settings!

SERATA ITALIANA comes with a generous portion of delicious pasta and other Italian goodies, personally catered by your Organizers, self-proclaimed Gourmet Chefs. You must understand that in Italy you simply would not spend 2 hours in someone’s house without food, therefore, we must keep the authentic Italian traditions alive!  One glass of Chianti is allowed by the law, but if you plan to indulge a little, please use Uber or Lyft. Students may bring their favorite desserts or vino to class, and are always welcome to network and socialize among themselves – in Italian, of course! :)   During dinner and the specific grammar instructions, we may sometime watch an Italian movie or learn a popular Italian song.  Movie and music suggestions are always welcome.


SERATA ITALIANA consists of 3 consecutive months of attendance, (12 sessions) renewable the last week of the 3rd month. The cost for the 3 months’ program is only $ 600.00 per student. This, broken down, is ONLY $25/hr!

Couples: 50% OFF for your spouse/partner! ($300)

Payment is due at the time of registration.

 MAKE-UPS: Students will have the opportunity to make up missed classes due to pre-planned absences, emergencies, vacation, holidays, etc., that have been communicated to the Organizers with at least a 24 hour notice.  Make ups are in the form of ONE-HOUR PRIVATE LESSONS (one-on-one) scheduled at a mutually convenient time. All make ups must be completed within the 3 months duration of the program.


“Beginner/intermediate” SERATA ITALIANA is held on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. “Advanced” sessions are currently being planned for Wednesdays, also at 7:00 p.m.  Classes will always be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m., unless other arrangements are made with your instructor and the other students.

 Address and directions are given via TEXT upon registration.

See you soon!

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(The cost for the 3 months’ (12 sessions) program of SERATA ITALIANA is $ 600.00 per student. Couples: 50% OFF for your spouse/partner. ($300).  Payment must be received at the time of registration, in form of cash,  personal/business check or VENMO. Cash payments in person only.  Do not send cash via mail.



Il costo del programma SERATA ITALIANA e’ di $600.00 per studente.  Pagamento dev’essere effettuato allo stesso momento dell’iscrizione al corso, in contanti o con un assegno.  Non mandate contante via posta.  Coppie: sconto del 50% per il vostro consorte.