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New Beginners Italian Class starting January 2022!


In-Person Available to Only 12 select students. First come, first served.

Are you ITALIAN? Or, in LOVE with ITALY?

This is for YOU!

Fun, interactive, affordable Italian Language Lessons, Cooking Shows Live from Italy, Travel Planning & More!




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Serata Italiana (Italian Evening) is an expert Italian language and culture program that offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of courses, all experienced to the backdrop of authentic Italian settings, dinners, and more. Described as a “fun and effective approach” to learning Italian, the classes are available on a one-on-one basis or in a group (in-person with social distancing or online) and encompass grammar review, reading/writing exercises, geography lessons, travel tips, and culture notes, with native instructors regularly stressing the practice of proper verb conjugations, vocabulary building, and popular idiomatic expressions – all while ultimately keeping the experience fun and educational.

As a bonus, an authentic complimentary Italian meal is served during every in-person class, featuring generous portions of delicious pasta and other Italian delicacies.

During the Serata Italiana grammar instruction sessions and accompanying meals, Italian-language films may be shown from time to time alongside popular Italian song translations, with Alex and his partner in this endeavor, Natalie Blancardi of always welcoming film and music suggestions from their students.

“Students are always invited to bring their favorite desserts or vino to class, and are always encouraged to network and socialize amongst themselves.” “We do stress, however, that students use Uber or Lyft should they indulge in additional revelries.”

In the midst of these educational opportunities, Alex and his Serata Italiana program, in collaboration with Maria Catja Caradonna, Founder of, is also planning a yearly Italy Dream Vacation starting the summer of 2022, pending the outcome of the ongoing pandemic, offering friends, colleagues and attendees of the Italian language classes a 14-day luxury vacation indulgence throughout July. While the trip is still in the planning stages the primary itinerary includes a special 30-percent-off rate at the jaw-dropping Colonna Resort in beautiful Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, a deal Alex struck with the property’s management team.

The second leg of the Italy Dream Vacation promises to be equally as enchanting, with the majestic shores of Sicily providing the vibrant backdrop. Details about the trip will be announced on the Serata Italiana website, so interested parties are encouraged to check for updates from time to time.

Online classes are held at mutually convenient times during the week and weekends, while in-person lessons for the beginners’ group will be held on Mondays in Valencia, CA from 7:30 to 9 pm.

Those who are at intermediate/advanced levels can join the Wednesday evening class, also from 7:30 to 9 pm, in Valencia, CA.